Kismet Consumer Product Group, LLC

Business Overview

Kismet Consumer Product Group was founded in 2017 as a product representation group that represents portfolio companies in the cannabis category. The company will continue to procure and curate relationships with unique businesses that create product lines and private label products for sale in the mainstream retail channels.

There are 5 categories that make up Kismet’s portfolio clientele:

I. Non-THC products

The Non-THC category encompasses products that have no trace of cannabis, cannabidiol oil (CBD), THC, or hemp. These products are accessory products to the cannabis industry, and include, but are not limited to: appliances, soil and growing apparatuses, vaping devices, and pipes. There are no selling or shipping issues within this category.

II. Industrial & Medicinal Hemp

Industrial hemp products are made from hemp, and compose all ends of the category including hard and soft lines, creams, oils, and elixirs and consumables. Because industrial hemp has been declared an unscheduled drug by the Department of Agriculture, there are no selling or shipping issues within this category.

III. CBD products less than .3% THC

Cannabidiol oil (CBD) is the newest and most exciting advancement in the cannabis category. CBD is applied to virtually every category composing consumables and topicals. The CBD oil that has been extracted to have less than .3% THC has also been unscheduled by the Department of Agriculture, and so there are no selling or shipping issues within this category.

IV. CBD products more than .3% THC

Unlike the CBD products with less than .3% THC, CBD oil with greater concentrations has broad reach within the cannabis category. This is considered a scheduled drug, and has state-mandated restrictions that must be adhered. These products are required to be manufactured/licensed and transported within the state of origin and cannot cross state lines.

V. THC-infused products

Like with CBD products of more than .3% THC, the THC-infused products range the gamut in the consumables category. THC-infused products are required to be manufactured/licensed and transported within the state of origin and cannot cross state lines.

There are 3 operational divisions that compose Kismet Consumer Product Goods:

I.Product Representation Group .   II.Business-to-Business Services .   III.Licensing and Private Label.
I.Product Representation Group

Kismet Consumer Product Group works with its portfolio companies to secure retail sales contracts in the following channels:

● Mass Retail ● National Drug Stores ● Regional Drug Stores ● Specialty Stores ● Grocery ● Online

Kismet provides sales and fulfillment support to its portfolio clients, and maintains national membership with the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) on behalf of its clients for display opportunities, strategic meetings and appointments, and industry education within the cannabis category. Kismet also provides an audience to leading consumer packaged goods companies that are interested in acquiring new brands and concepts.

II.Business-to-Business Services

Kismet’s Business-to-Business division works with our portfolio companies in order to assure their stability and wherewithal in the retail space. Business-to-Business partners of Kismet offer wholesale pricing that is also preventative of clients that are looking for a la carte services. Kismet maintains business to business agreements with specific vendors in the following areas:

● Procurement ● Federal Compliance ● Insurance ● Lab Testing ● Warehousing ● Distribution ● Logistics ● Manufacturing Support ● Legal ● IT

Current Kismet CPG Client List

• Edibles/Snacks/Cereals CBD/THC - Perrywinkles (Categories III, IV, V)

• Lotions/Balms CBD/THC - Canna-Envy (Categories II, IV, V)

• Sugar/Salt THC 20mg - Ruby Sugar (Categories II, IV, V)

• Appliances Non-THC Ardent Group (Category I)

• Eye Drops/Pain Patches CBD/Hemp C Better Daily/G&L Wellness, LLC.(Categories II, III, IV)

• Candy CBD - Soothing Sweetness (Categories III, IV)

• Tea CBD/THC EndoTeas (Categories III, IV)

• Mastix LLC - Chewing Gum (Category III)

• Soil/Plant Trainer/Plant Tissue; Non THC (Category I)

• Software; Non THC Motagistics (Category I)

• Toothpaste; CBD; Ugly by Nature (Category III, IV)

• Sootheen (II, III, IV, V)

• Hemp Oil, Pain Cream; Hemp; INSPIRIT (Category II)

• Pain Capsules; CBD/THC; Jerry Eaton (Category III, IV, V)

• Water; CBD; (Category III)

• Blue Dream Maui- Ethnic (Categories II, III, IV, V)

• Cannaeo- Ethnic (Categories II, III, IV)

• Pet Products- Woof, Meow and Horse/Sootheen (Categories II, III, IV, V)

Current Leadership

  • Perry Anzilotti

    Perry Anzilotti has worked with the team members of KISMET group spanning over two decades. Perry is best known as an acclaimed television and film character actor, but also as a cannabis "ganjapreneur." He is the founder of the California based cannabis edibles brand PERRYWINKLES ( A preferred brand that has grown to become a favorite with medical marijuana patients and celebrities alike. Perry also is the author of THE INCREDIBLES MEDIBLES COOKBOOK. A cannabis cookbook designed to help make medical marijuana patients lives a little easier by infusing cannabis into the food we already love to eat. Perry's blend of experience in both the entertainment industry and the cannabis community are a perfect recipe for success with the Kismet

    Rae Jae

    Rae Jae started her career in advertising in 1980 in Orlando. She worked for two full service agencies, before opening her own advertising and public relations firm in 1988. In 1991, Rae Jae successfully switched her company's focus to national retail marketing promotions, and in 1992, she launched Oreo Stacking, a chain wide in-store promotion, developed exclusively for Wal-Mart Stores. She co-created and managed the Oreo Stacking program for Nabisco at Wal-Mart Stores for eight years. In 2002, Rae Jae collaborated on a second Wal-Mart chain wide promotion, with program creator, Kelly Coughlin. Free Photo with Santa, Coughlin's brainchild, is a Holiday mainstay at Wal-Mart Store, now entering its 15th year of execution. She is the co-founder of Kismet Consumer Package Good, LLC and currently services as Executive Vice President and on the Board of Advisors.

    Kelly Coughlin

    For a decade and a half, Kelly Coughlin has worked as a publicist and strategist between the CPG/retail, healthcare, real estate, media, and sports & entertainment industries. Her experience includes: building national advertising and public relations platforms, negotiation and creation of national media and sports/entertainment sponsorships, creation of Interactive platforms supported by SEO/SEM practices, and high-profile individual management.Ms. Coughlin has represented entertainers, athletes, physicians, Fortune 500 executives, national brands, sports organizations, festivals and tours, real estate companies and retailers.Ms. Coughlin holds a B.A. in Communication from Boston College.

  • Testimonials

    • “It’s ‘HIGH TIMES’ someone came up with a way for me to medicate with food other than sugar, sugar and more sugar. I have learned ways by reading this book how to get my medicine at breakfast, lunch and dinner in food I currently eat.”

      Rick M.
    • “Since the legalization of medical marijuana, my sleep and night sweat issues are no more. As a non-smoker, I was thrilled when introduced to the “Perrywinkles Edibles” brand edibles and cookbook at my collective. No more harsh coughing or dry, sore throat. Terrific taste, great selection.”

      Evelyn S